John E Kemper is a trusted business advisor

With over four decades of business experience growing, buying and selling business consulting companies, John believes that the key to success in business is understanding your end game and having a comprehensive plan that will get you there. Today, John strategically consults with high-potential start-ups, invests in growth organizations, and serves on the board of numerous nonprofits.

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Raving Fan

From day one, John said to me what every entrepreneur wants to hear in their career: “I believe in you, and I will help you.”

Katherine Wintsch, Founder and CEO, The Mom Complex

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In The News

“I always ask, ‘What’s your end game?’ he says. For some, it’s about building a company and staying with it. Others want to grow an idea and then sell it. Others simply want to grow to the right size to provide an income for the founders and a few jobs for the community.”

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What We Do

There are a lot of business advisors who know a good idea when they see one. But what differentiates John Kemper from other business advisors is his ability to spot the entrepreneur who not only has a good idea but who also has the ingenuity, drive and follow-through to execute their vision.

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