Raving Fans

I have benefited so much as an entrepreneur from John’s encouragement. From day one, he said to me what every entrepreneur wants to hear in their career: “I believe in you and I will help you.” John has really served as the wind in my sails. Without his help, there would be no way that I’d be doing what I’m doing.

Katherine Wintsch, Founder & CEO, The Mom Complex

John is a real visionary and loves to think big, but he also knows how to get things done. A big part of his strategy is surrounding himself with great people who can make things happen. Not only has he been an effective business consultant for our organization, but he’s also been an understanding partner in our mission.
Susan Rickman, President, World Pediatric Project
John has been instrumental in helping me build my business. When you work with John, he believes in you, he’s encourages you with your ideas, and he’s relentless in questioning you about how you are going to execute. John has not just been generous with his time, but also in sharing his wisdom about how to grow and manage a business.
Lauren Sweeney, Owner, Dotted Line Collaborations
John is all about giving back. While his business sense has been a huge benefit to my business, his straightforward approach has been equally helpful in getting my facility off the ground. I’ve never met someone who is so honest, loyal and willing to help.
Reggie Williams, NBA San Antonio Spurs Player & Entrepreneur
When working with John on a project, he has a great way of getting everyone involved, and he listens to everyone’s perspective. He’s a very thoughtful, genuine person. John cares a lot about the Richmond community, and he’s always very willing to share his depth of business experience with others.
Karen Booth Adams, CEO, Hot Technology Holdings
John is a cutting-edge kind of guy. Highly regarded in the healthcare realm, he knew where his company needed to go, long before others in his industry. His ability to read people has also served him well, both in his own business and his work with other entrepreneurs. We’ve built a very successful company together.
Benny M. LaRussa, Jr., Partner, Azalea Capital
When you work with John, you know he’ll get it done… and get it done right. He expects the same from the people with whom he works. These high standards coupled with the opportunities John provided me early in my career, set me up for long-term success.
Tiffany Lange, Owner, Lange Consulting