There are a lot of business advisors who know a good idea when they see one. But what differentiates John Kemper from other business advisors is his ability to spot the entrepreneur who not only has a good idea but who also has the ingenuity, drive and follow-through to execute that vision.

Call it a knack or intuition, but John Kemper credits his ability to the fact that he’s been in these entrepreneurs’ shoes … and walked more than a mile in them! For years, the business advisor worked for other people, but in the ’90s, he became a partner in a company and eventually an owner. He sold that business and bought it back again, selling it two more times. The last sale was to a Fortune 400 company.

However, when John was building his business, he had no one to show him how; he was left to figure it all out on his own. Now, his mission is to give the newest generation of entrepreneurs in Richmond what he never had: a clear path to their goals. John isn’t in it for the money. In fact, he donated a portion of the proceeds from selling his business six years ago and still donates his current profits to charity. He does it purely because he’s passionate about Richmond’s vibrant entrepreneurial community.

Raving Fan

When John talks, people listen. But instead of just talking about his vision for the Greater Richmond Y, John gives of his time, talents and wisdom to see that vision through. (John is on the board and also serves in several other leadership roles.) He’s determined and passionate about the right things and is a strong advocate, especially to underserved children in the community.

Tim Joyce, President and CEO, Greater Richmond YMCA

For me, it’s about taking those ideas and moving them forward.

John Kemper, Richmond Magazine

Where he’s been

June 2015

Senior Managing Director, CBRE Healthcare

Fortune 400 global real estate services company managing the development of more than $1.5 billion in healthcare facilities.

May 2015

CEO, KLMK Group, Inc.

Providing comprehensive facility solutions to healthcare owners. Sold to CBRE Healthcare.

July 2013

Executive Vice President, Bovis Lend Lease Consulting

Offering consulting services to healthcare clients in the U.S. and internationally.

October 2012

President and COO, W.R. Adams Company, Inc.

Comprehensive facilities planning, development and program management services provider to healthcare owners, managing more than $275 million per year in healthcare facilities development. Sold to Bovis Lend Lease.

July 2012

Vice President, McDevitt and Street Company

One of the largest healthcare construction companies in the U.S. Sold to Bovis Lend Lease.

July 2009

Vice President, McGuire Group, Inc.

A large architectural and engineering company with sales of more than $40 million per year.