Investing in Richmond’s Entrepreneurial Community

New ventures are always a gamble and John Kemper is really good at picking the winners. But he doesn’t bet on the horse; he bets on the jockey. That’s because ultimately, the business owner, not their idea (no matter how good it is) is responsible for getting that idea across that finish line.

John has an amazing ability to take a sea of information and find the two or three areas where I need to spend my time, and then turn those priorities into action items. He is relentlessly supportive of our nonprofit. He’s our most active board member … and he’s not even on the board!
Sarah Mullens, Executive Director, UnBound RVA

I bet on the jockey, not the horse.

John Kemper

Strategic business advisory services

Focusing on startups and nonprofits, John first evaluates the prospective entrepreneur’s vision and learns their “end game.” Maybe they want to grow their business and sell it in five years. They may just want to make enough income to comfortably support their family. Over several sessions, John then helps his client develop and implement a strategy to reach that goal, following up with them on a quarterly basis. John’s clients have included startups like Dotted Line Collaborations and nonprofits such as the Greater Richmond YMCA.

Angel Investment

When John believes in the potential of a startup, he may offer more than just advisory services and mentorship. He has also contributed capital to get businesses off the ground or help them reach the next level. John’s angel investments have included Trinity School of Medicine in the Eastern Caribbean, CarLotz, AnswersNow, Trilogy Mentors and OnlyNet.

Sale, merger and acquisition consultation

There are no resources for the owner of a small, closely held business to consult when they want to build their business and sell it or transition ownership. Even accountants can’t always accurately value their company. That’s where John comes in. With experience in sales, mergers and acquisitions, John can guide small business owners in making the decisions that yield the best long-term results for their companies and their futures.